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Sub-Lot 3, Lot 559,
Tmn Industri Sungai Penaga,
Jalan Subang 3, USJ1,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor D.E. Malaysia.

Terence S.C.Jiam
H/P : 019-337 6511
Danny Yap
H/P : 016-242 1628
       : 012-220 2666
Fax : 603 - 7785 8541
Fax : 603 - 9283 1513
Email :

Sub-Lot 15&16, Lot 559,
Tmn Industri Sungai Penaga,
Jalan Subang 3, USJ1,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor D.E. Malaysia.

H/P : 6019-337 6511(Terence Jiam)
Original-Flower Horn

Original-Flower Horn Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Meng Aquarium Centre) through its founder Mr. Terence Jiam sets the standards and trends for Flower Horn enthusiasts both in Malaysia and worldwide.

Mr. Jiam effectively translated his years of experience honed from a hobby stretching many years into a thriving business with the early formation of Meng Aquarium in 1995. By then he has had incredible success with Japanese Koi and Arowanas. He then turned his interest and passion to a strain of cichlid fish classified under the genus of Cichlasoma, which until three years ago; Year 2000 received only scant interest from ornamental fish enthusiasts. He took on the painstaking process of selective cross breeding culminating in a new variety of cichlids with body patterns and vibrant colours resembling a flower and a nuchal hump on its forehead much alike that of the Malaysian Hornbill. Hence the aptly named "Hua Lor Han" or its English equivalent, Flower Horn was born.

From a retail presence of approximately 1,500 sq ft, he has since expanded his operations to the current built up area of 15,800 sq ft to meet the increasing demands for progenies of his "Hua Lor Han". In order to cater to this demand efficiently, Original-Flower Horn Sdn Bhd partners exclusively with several breeding farms located throughout Malaysia. These breeders adhere strictly to Original-Flower Horn Sdn Bhd's stringent policy on quality, type and integrity of lineage.

Mr. Jiam continues to lead the way in the ornamental fish industry. Original-Flower Horn Sdn Bhd was formed to efficiently bring the best of its authentic varieties to the homes of countless enthusiasts around the world. In Malaysia alone, there are more than 30 certified dealers who deals exclusively in Original Flower Horn Sdn Bhd's "Hua Lor Han" Flower Horns only.

Original Flower Horn Sdn Bhd's reputation as an exporter of impeccable top class Flower Horns has seen it exporting to countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Myanmar, Vietnam, Philipines, Brunei and North America...etc. Original Flower Horn Sdn Bhd's dealers have exhibited successfully and won numerous accolades in top flight Flower Horn shows in and around the Malaysian Peninsula and in competitions in Jakarta and Surabaya in Indonesia.

Original Flower Horn Sdn Bhd is also a one stop source for ornamental fish related products such as best quality fish food under the Soma King brand, a comprehensive range of imported fish medicine, premium gifts such as key chains, Flower Horn posters, tee-shirts, paper weights, instructional series of CDs on Flower Horns.