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Interest in the Flower Horn Fish, or Luo Han as it is popularly known, has taken on worldwide proportions over the past four or five years since year 2000. And this phenomenon has shown no signs of ebbing especially with breeders constantly arousing enthusiasts' interest with newer and ever delightful strains.

Malaysia is the acclaimed birthplace of the first Flower Horn Fish. It is a hybrid resulting from a cross between the Cichlid fish of the genus Cichlasoma, commonly found in South America and the Jingang Blood Parrot fish and others. Further selective crossings resulted in Flower Horns with bigger humps on the forehead, better colouration, intense body markings and countless new body traits.

Here at Original-Flower Horn, we do not rest on our laurels and we always strive to produce yet more remarkable Flower Horns to tickle your fancy.